Six Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured through someone else’s fault, you may be wondering how you’re going to cover your medical costs and lost wages while you are recovering. In addition, you may have property damage if you were in an auto accident. Although every injury may not require a personal injury lawyer, when you think you need one, you probably do. They can benefit you in 6 important ways.

  1. Their knowledge of the law is invaluable. Personal injury laws vary by state and type. In fact, if you don’t live in the state where you were injured, you will need to hire one where your injury occurred. A personal injury lawyer also understands the timeline for when things need to happen. You may have a statute of limitations that is approaching, and a lawyer can make sure you meet the deadline. If the other person’s insurance company is speaking to you through an attorney, your attorney can prevent an inadvertent remark from being misconstrued.
  2. An attorney can negotiate fair compensation. The insurance company may offer a lower settlement if you aren’t working with a personal injury lawyer. Your attorney knows the law and the market for fair settlements. Even after your attorney takes his fee out, you may come out with a larger settlement by letting a lawyer negotiate for you.
  3. If the worst happens, and your personal injury case goes to court, you need fair representation in court. Although you certainly can represent yourself, without the experience of the legal system, your case may be dismissed if you fail to comply with the rules. Don’t take that chance.
  4. If you don’t prevail, you may be liable for the other side’s court and attorney fees. There may also be complex laws involving the offer of judgment. An attorney can advise you and reduce your risk should something go wrong.
  5. If you are disputing liability, a personal injury lawyer can fight your citation and deal with comparative negligence. That’s where you may still have some responsibility but you were less at fault than the other driver. These laws add another dimension of complexity, thus you will need a good attorney.
  6. Your attorney can also help you understand and deal with the health insurance and health care providers. If you have health insurance that pays your medical bills and you are later given a settlement, you will have to reimburse the insurance company. You could face stiff fines if not. The health care provider may want a lien on the settlement if you don’t have insurance. A lawyer will assist you through those procedures.

A personal injury lawyer is on your side, and you won’t be going through the system alone. It can’t hurt to talk to one, just make sure that the consultation is free.

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Criminal Defense Lawyers

By definition a criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer that has the knowledge, and the skills to defend your rights to individuals or that of companies that are being charged with the thought or act of the criminal act of conduct. That being said, going to list four reasons of why you should hire a criminal defense lawyer.

  1. The criminal defense lawyers will be some that will see that you are treated with respect and treated fairly. That you are not wrong in any way that would be considered unjust, while going through this stressful time in your life. And they are going to be your guide along the way.
  2. You can hire your own criminal defense lawyer or one can be appointed to you by the courts, if you make the decision of the second option that is listed above know that these are called public defenders, they are appointed to you at a low cost or no cost to handle your case and be at your side to make sure that you are treated well.
  3. Also,understand that criminal defense lawyers are used for helping with all of your consulting, representing you weather is it to deal with other lawyers that are involved in the case, media that make have questions for you, police wanting to speak to you and question you or any other ties with someone that may need to want to reach out to you and address any matters at hand, they can help you with all of these and you may also seek legal advice if you so choose before the charges are filed and a judge and court date are appointed to you. They will review any and all charges filed against you, the facts that are being claimed to be true, and understand your rights as needed against all charges that are being brought against you.
  4. Also, criminal defense lawyers are looking out for you and have your best interest at heart. A judge may act as a mediator or you may have a grand jury that will be listening to your case brought before them. If there is just cause and in the end if the judge and or grand jury feel that there is to be any type of sentence or any jail time you lawyer will still continue to be at your side and to make sure that you are being treated fairly throughout the course. There are so many reasons of why is it in the best interest to hire criminal defense lawyers when you are in your time of need of a very stressful situation that impacts so many in different ways. Do not go without one, make the decision to have one by your side from the very beginning and to be there for you and to go to bat for you and your needs.

Chicago Injury Attorney – When You Are Ready To Make The Call

John fell at work and suffers from severe back pain. Sarah received a hand injury from a defective kitchen appliance. Larry’s dog bit a young child in the park. Kevin is disabled due to a surgeon’s negligence, and Karen has yet to return to work after she was injured in a vehicle accident.

Chicago injury attorneys deal with life’s unexpected tragedies every day. They recognize that you have a legal right to pursue a claim for damages or compensation as a result of your injury, or that you have a right to defend yourself against a personal injury claim. They understand the law and how insurance claims may, or may not, impact your situation.

Personal injury claims are broadly categorized by the type of claim, including, medical malpractice, vehicle accidents, work related injuries, slips and falls, product liability injuries, and animal bites. Given the unique circumstances and complexities of personal injury cases, Chicago injury attorneys may specialize in a particular type of case, or may handle a variety of personal injury cases.

In the State of Illinois, there is a limit to the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit for a personal injury. In general, you have two years from the date of the accident, however, the Statute of Limitations has several exceptions that either extend the time, or reduce the amount of time you have to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

A Chicago injury attorney can help guide you in your decision to pursue or defend a claim and can help you understand the time limit you have for filing a lawsuit. Many Chicago injury attorneys offer free, confidential initial consultations.

When you’re ready to make the call to a Chicago injury attorney, a few questions can help you select the right attorney for your circumstances: Competency – does the Chicago injury attorney deal with your type of claim and do they have a proven record of successful settlements; Caseload – will your case receive adequate, timely attention from an attorney and can they provide you a general timeline for your case; Convenience – is the location of the Chicago injury attorney’s office practical for your circumstances and are there options for on-line, secure communications and correspondence; Commissions and Fees – are the fees based on commission, or an hourly or daily rate. Are there additional fees for court filings or experts, and can a fee estimate be provided; Court – does the Chicago injury attorney have experience presenting to a jury in the event that your case comes to trial.

Ultimately, the relationship you have with your Chicago injury attorney should provide you with a sense of confidence that you will be treated as a valued client and that your case will be handled competently and professionally.

Why You Should Get Help From A Car Accident Lawyer If You’ve Been In An Accident

Take it from me, someone who has suffered from a car accident…a good car accident lawyer is a must have! Not only was I hurt when the other driver hit me, I was also hurt when the other driver did not have enough insurance and the insurance company was questioning my claim. I had not had an accident before and I had no idea what I was up against.

When you hire a car accident lawyer, you are able to focus on your recovery and deal with your daily life instead of struggling to understand and work with the process. A car accident lawyer can help in many ways. In my case they helped in dealing with the other insurance carrier and my insurance people.

Do you understand your insurance policy? Have you read all that small type? If you need a rental car or need to get medical treatment, a good car accident lawyer can interpret your policy and make sure that the insurance company (yours or theirs) is doing the right thing and giving you all of the benefits you should have.

If you need to have treatment and it’s not covered by your policy, a good car accident lawyer can work with doctors and treatment facilities on your behalf to obtain liens so that you can treat now and worry about how to pay for it later. When facts of the claim are in dispute, a good car accident lawyer can hire experts to find witnesses, take statements, evaluate driving history and hire an investigator if needed.

Most of all, a good car accident lawyer knows how to apply dollar amounts to your vehicle damages, pain and suffering, physical damages and lost wages to make sure you are compensated fairly.

When looking for a car accident lawyer, don’t just look on the tv or the phone book and call the first one you see. Do some research so that you understand 1) Do they work car accident cases on a regular basis? 2) How many of these cases do they win? 3) What is the average time to get your treatment or money? 4) How much is it going to cost you? 5) Have they worked for an insurance company and do they have expertise that sets them apart from other car accident lawyers? 5) Are they available? Do they have good hours and do you get to talk to a lawyer; not just a paralegal or assistant? and finally, 6) Do they think you have a good case?

When you’ve been in a car accident it can be tough. Don’t allow an accident to turn into a punishment. Get a good car accident lawyer to help.

Five Questions To Ask Before Hiring A DUI Attorney

When a person experiences a DUI, they should always consult an attorney. This attorney should be able to answer any and all questions that the person may have. The person is going to want to know what will happen next in the process. There are five important questions that a person should always ask their DUI attorney.

The first question that should be asked is about the experience of the DUI attorney. When the person’s freedom is on the line, there is no room for error. The person should ask the attorney if they have worked on cases that are similar to the one they are fighting. The attorney should not be inexperienced in these fields. It is important to hire an attorney that can work the process and knows what they are doing.

The second question is about the DUI attorney’s track record. It is important to know how many cases the attorney has won and also how many that have been lost. It is not rude to ask. The attorney should expect the person to want to know these things. If the person’s case goes to trial, it may be important to clarify with the attorney if he/she considers a plea bargain as a win.

The next question for the DUI attorney is about the person’s case. The person should not have a fear of discussing their case. The attorney cannot break confidentiality so anything said to the attorney is kept private. This is true even if the person decides not to hire this attorney. The person should be honest with the attorney and get their opinion on the strength of their case. During the consultation the attorney should evaluate the case and give an honest opinion on the strength of the case.

The fourth question is regarding the options available for the person’s case. The DUI attorney should be able to inform the person of the different options for the case. The person can ask about the possibility of a trial, or the option of pleading guilty, or the option of a diversion program. If the DUI attorney is a good choice for an attorney, they should be able to discuss any of these options. The attorney should also be familiar with the possibility of serving a lesser sentence or if there are any alternatives to jail time available.

The final thing to be discussed is the cost for the DUI attorney. A lot of DUI attorneys will work for a flat fee. Some attorneys will also work for an hourly rate. The choice is based on the person’s case and also the experience and reputation of the attorney. Many attorneys are also willing to work out a payment plan with the person.